The Java dragons accomplished a lot in their second year. Find out the progress they made by reading these 2021-2022 season archives.

Robot Game

This season the robot game focused on moving cargo cubes of various weights around the mat. However, the duck spinner was also a very “lucrative” mission.

2021-2022 Season Map
Our robot at meet one.

Notable features of our robot include our cube claw for lifting cargo and our wheel for spinning the turntable.


The first outreach event we did this year was a two part robotics camp. It was divided to basic and advance camps and spanned two weeks.

We also had a booth at the Bees Ferry Fest community event.

We also mentored younger teams and other FTC teams and helped out with robotics classes at SHEEP.

We also launched our Twitter account and our Instagram account. And continued uploading to our blog.


We did our first three outreach events this year.

We reached ten team members in the 2020-2021 season.

We graduated from being a rookie team!


Team member Charlotte

My name is Charlotte, I am 16 years old. I love coding so much that I am the head of the programming department.

Team member Caroline

My name is Caroline. I am in ninth grade and this is my first year of robotics. I’m very excited because I love video editing and photography. I hope what I do will come to use.

Team member Zane

Hello I’m Zane I am thirteen. I am the Java Dragon’s robot design leader. I love gaming listening to music. I love going on walks and playing Minecraft.

Team member James

Hello my name is James I am fourteen. I am the Java Dragon’s lead builder. I love running and playing sports. I like playing Minecraft.

Team member Rhett

My name is Rhett. I am in ninth grade and I like math. I am thirteen and have been in scouting for two years. During that time, I have done many hikes, including a one hundred mile hike in the foothills and a fifty mile hike in the Grand Canyon. This is my first year in FTC, and I’m a programmer.

Team member Dillon

My name is Dillon. This is my first year in FTC. I was on the FLL team Onyx Dragons for two years. I love helping to build and I want to become a better designer to help my team.

Team member Evan

My name is Evan and I have been in robotics for four years. I am fourteen years old and in the ninth grade. I can program, and I enjoy building.

Team member Ryan

My name is Ryan. This is my second year on the team. I  manage the social media accounts for the team and help where I am needed.

Hi my name is Ethan. I am in ninth grade and I like to program and read. I was on FLL for six years and this is my second year in FTC.

I am Isaac. I am one of the Java Dragons founding members and this year I am in charge of the Engineering notebook. I am homeschooled.


My name is Braden, I am the head coach of Java Dragons. I was on an FTC team for four years in high school, mentored for a year, and this is my second year coaching this team. I am currently a junior at Charleston Southern University, and I am majoring in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

I’m Samantha, a coach for the Java Dragons. Previously, I was on an FTC team for three years in high school. My specialties on my team were the engineering notebook, outreach, and programming. I’m currently majoring in English at Charleston Southern University. I’m excited to be able to pass on my knowledge and help where I can!

I am Brady. I am a coach that has been involved in FIRST for 6 years. I coach/mentor several other teams ranging from 5 years old through high school.  In my other than robotics persona, I am a residential construction manager.

My name is Debbie Siegal and I am the second coach of Java Dragons. I have been coaching robotics for 6 years at elementary, middle and high school levels. I have been married to my husband Brady for 21 years and we have 5 kids. I am a homeschool mom, as well as actively involved in leadership at my church. Last year, we founded Charleston Dragon Robotics and I serve as the chairperson of their board. Recently, I joined the board of FIRST South Carolina as the Director of FLL Explore and Discover. I am passionate about sharing robotics and FIRST with students of all ages and abilities in the Low Country.

My name is Matthew Scott. I am a mentor for Java Dragons. My undergrad was in CAD/CAM computer graphics and my masters was in Engineering Technology. I have worked at The Boeing Company for 17 years specializing in software development and testing, computer and data architecture, and advanced additive manufacturing technologies. I am a proponent of STEAM which includes art with engineering and technology. Throughout all of my lead and mentoring relationships, I encourage creative problem solving to any opportunity.