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Below are the members of the Java Dragons robotics team. Learn more about the proud team members by reading their bios.

Robot Design Head

I’m Rhett, the local organizer and scouting expert. I’ve been on Java for a year, and in FIRST robotics for three. I help out where I can, but, as the boxes require constant organizing for optimal design team operation, that’s where you’ll find me in most meetings.

Outreach Division Head

My name is Ryan. I am 18 years old and this is my 3rd year on the team. I am the head of outreach and manage the social media accounts for the team.

Documentation Division Head

I am Isaac. I am a founding member of the Java Dragons. This is my second year as head of the documentation division. I am homeschooled.

Evan L.
Robot Build Division Head

Hi, my name is Evan. I have been in FIRST robotics for 5 years. I started in FLL and graduated to FTC. In Java Dragons, I am the build team lead.

Strategy Division Head

I am 16 years old. I love running, building, and strategy. I am the strategy head this year on Java, and this will be my seventh year in robotics.

Programming Division Head

I am 15 years old. I am the head of programming. This is my eighth year in robotics, including doing FLL for five years.

Evan C.
Robot Design Division

My name is Evan. This is my forth year in robotics. I was on FLL for three years. I love legos, soccer, robotics, drums, ultimate frisbee, and basketball.

Robot Build Division

This is my first year of FTC however I have been doing robotics for four years. I enjoy designing robot ideas.

Robot Build Division

My name is Landon. This is my first year of FTC and Charleston Dragon Robotics. I used to play football.

Robot Build Division

My name is Les. This is my fifth year in robotics. I was on FLL for four years. This is my first year on FTC. I like to do archery and robotics. 

Robot Design Division

I'm Jonathan. I work on 3D modeling.

Outreach Division

My name is Dillon. This is my second year in FTC. I was on the FLL team Onyx Dragons for two years. I love helping to build and I want to become a better designer to help my team.

Robot Design Division

My name is Kenny. I like to problem solve and discover new ways to do things. I am very curios about the world around my and I love robotics, theatre, and the sciences.