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Department of Defense Do Stem Logo

The U.S. Department of defense gave us a generous grant. View their website at Home | DoD STEM.

The aid of the Charleston Engineers Joint Council enabled us to reach our full potential through their exceptional generosity. Discover their background at Charleston Engineers Joint Council – Home.

Crosstowne Church benevolently lent out their space to us. Visit them at Home — Crosstowne Church.

Fellowship of Oakbrook allows us to use their spaces for our meetings, and also allow us to store some of our materials there. Find out more about their ministry at Fellowship of Oakbrook | Welcome.

The East Bay Deli has been giving us valuable funding since 2021. Find out more about them at Charleston Deli, Sandwiches & More : East Bay Deli.

Boeing kindly granted us one of their rare FTC sponsorships. Learn more about them at Boeing: The Boeing Company.

The generosity of Mercedes-Benz was outstanding and it shows their value of robotics. Pay their site a visit at Mercedes-Benz USA.

Stantec logo, colorized version

The support of Stantec was a truly valuable resource this season. Find out more about them at Stantec.